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What to Expect

Important info to know prior to Exterior work:

If there are any questions or concerns prior to or during the job. Please contact the office at Cargan Exteriors Inc. 519.846.0077

There will be unusual Traffic

A dumpster or dump trailer will be placed as close to your house as possible to reduce debris falling on your property ~ we will have trucks on sight but, we will try to keep access open to your driveway as much as possible

There will be Noise

As with all construction projects; during the exterior construction there will be noise inside and out of your house. We will be using electric and pneumatic tools as well as hand tools to complete the project. Starting when the roof is loaded and during work in progress we will be moving materials and other operations that will cause vibrations to the interior of your home. This could cause disturbance to items on walls/ceilings. Please secure or remove items ie. pictures and chandeliers. We are very careful and respect your property, but total elimination of vibrations is impossible ~ due to structure or age of home possible cracks in ceilings can occur with re-roofing.


There will be debris from any construction project, most debris comes from removal of the old roof, siding, soffit and gutters. Our goal is to remove all debris during replacement and at the completion of the project. We ask that you take precaution while we are there and stay clear of debris. We recommend you inspect your property for any small nails, metal and wood prior to mowing. Please refrain from throwing any garbage in the dumpster. Since we recycle ,if there is any garbage in the bin it will be refused, and have to be taken to the dump, in this case the home owner will be charged for extra costs incurred.

Regarding your landscaping

We are there to enhance the beauty of your home, and will make every attempt to protect your landscaping. We ask you assist us in this process by informing us of any particularly delicate items. We hope this was informative and helps you understand some of the “Things to Expect” When replacing your siding, soffit fascia, eaves or roof. Thank-you for considering our company in this important decision you will be making.

  • Testimonials

    We would like to compliment you people on a job well done. We are very impressed will the outcome and the amazing job of cleaning up afterwards. Had it not been so obvious that the roof had been replaced we would have thought you had never been here. We will be recommending you to anyone we know. Thanks Again, Andy and Lorraine, Calgary
  • Cargan Roofing provided a first-rate and highly professional quotation and a very competitive price . . . then, followed it up with excellent service and quality workmanship. Fast, clean and efficient, without compromise - a pleasure to deal with. Lorence, Calgary
  • Great Package! I recieved 4 quotes and yours was the most professional. I really appreciated that you included your business licence and Insurance in your information package. Our roof was done very efficiently with great results! Thank-you. Charlene, Calgary